• Not Everyone Poops

    Not Everyone Poops


    I have been feeling very crappy lately from my colon issues. I rarely talk about my chronic constipation on social media. This is probably the first time some of you are hearing about it.
    The history behind my problem will be in another blog post I promise. Long story short I had 18 pelvic surgeries and lived with a colostomy bag for almost 5 years. That whole ordeal has left me with lots of scars, imbalances in my body and chronic constipation.
    Today I have decided to go on a liquid diet. I will be drinking smoothies all day long and I will have soups from the blender for dinner.
    I was raw-vegan for a year and it was oh so very hard to do. I think this will be a bit easier.
    I still have my stuff in storage so I could not use my vitamix, my wonderful mother-in-law bought me a ninja blender yesterday I have to say I like it.
    My first smoothie today was
    Almond milk
    Almond butter
    Put it in the blender
    And what a yummy breakfast.
    For lunch I made:
    Fresh aloe
    I happened to love kale and pineapple so I really enjoyed it.
    For dinner I made a soup and I put it in the blender after it cooled off
    I boiled a bone from a chicken (no I am not vegan or vegetarian anymore)
    I added carrots
    Hoping this new change in my eating helps my colon work and one day soon I can poop. Ha!!

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