• Yoga for a Real housewife of NJ

    I am the laziest person I know but, after spending many years sick
    laying in hospital beds and hearing bad news from doctors I decided
    that I was never ever going to be lazy again. I took control of
    my laziness I organized my whole house, all 6 of my children’s closets
    labeled everything and spent many hours a day cleaning and vacuuming.
    Then I realized that I had lost control I had let my OCD take over me
    and was quickly becoming my mom (sorry mom) :). I am pretty sure my
    children were beginning to dislike me and my hubby was worried that I
    cared more about washing the dishes than giving him a kiss hello when
    he got home from work. As expected my husband and I had a huge fight.
    I decided to go to my friends house and spend Xmas eve with her and our kids
    and I went to a yoga class that day. Laying in Savasana I realized
    that I had become a control freak since I could not control my body
    (because living with a colostomy bag for 4 years and having 17 medical
    surgeries and 2 C-sections can do a number on you) I decided to
    control everything else around me. I kept going to yoga almost
    everyday at first my family thought it was a phase I was going thru
    like the one I had baking, the problem with my baking phase was that I
    wanted to bake the perfect pie and while I was doing it I became the
    meanest person ever. They quickly realized that my yoga phase was never
    going to end and that in fact I was much happier now. I could not put
    my finger on it but, for some reason I was much, much happier, I
    started to notice that every time I walked into that room and followed
    my breath my mind would stop racing and the best part was I could take
    that home with me. Fast forward 2 years later here I am a less
    neurotic and way happier me, don’t get me wrong I still love a clean
    house but, I only have to clean it and vacuum once a day. Yoga changed
    my life and it didn’t take 2 years it happen almost instantly. After
    seen such a change in me my husband and even my kids began to
    practice. So go get a mat and follow your breath =)



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