So last weekend was the first official TT weekend, I got to meet all of the people and they are all so wonderful.

    On Saturday we had to teach the first 5 minutes of a class and I chose not to do it because I was not prepared AND I was quiet nervous about it. On Sunday I decided to go for it and I sucked, I got so nervous I started to sweat and I don’t even remember What I said or did. I have spent all week preparing a yoga class and practicing it so I can teach my first class on July 29 at Strala Yoga, needles to say I have a new found respect for all Yoga teachers.
    After spending most of my weekend in a downward facing dog I was pretty tired monday morning, my whole body was sore and I lost 3 pounds that I wasn’t trying to loose but it is always welcome =)
    I am looking forward for this weekend and see what Tara and Mike have in store for us
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