• I am a teacher

    So teacher training is done and I am a Yoga teacher now. When I started my training I had no idea I would be this moved by teaching others that which I myself love so much. I have been teaching at Strala in NYC two times a week. Last Saturday I had 15 students in my class. I was shocked at the number of people that took time out of their Saturday night (6:00pm) to take my class. I called the class detox before retox, and I guess it worked! The feedback was great and people loved the idea of preparing their bodies for a night on the town. Try it any Saturday night and I think you will be back! I also teach at Powerflow Yoga in Chatham, NJ. I’m teaching three classes a week there and have a friday night friends class at 8:00pm. More detox before retox which everyone loves. I never dreamed I would have something so special to offer my students and I thank all my teachers for helping me unlock something I never knew existed deep inside of me.

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