• How I Took My Yoga Off The Mat Into The World

    How I Took My Yoga Off The Mat Into The World

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    Thanks to Seane Corn this is how I took my yoga Off The Mat Into The world


    Ashrams for Autism

    My good friend and teacher Sharon Manner founder of Ashrams for Autism and I were talking one day shortly after I finished my last teacher training about what her inspiration was for starting her organization and this is what she said:
         “We started Ashrams for autism  two years ago to create programs and facilities that utilize the pure and healing science of yoga to help the wonderful members of the autistic spectrum community. Our long term goal is to create peaceful,
    Ashram inspired communities where these beautiful young adults can live, work , play and lead happy successful lives. Ashrams was inspired by my daughter Kerri after seeing the success  she had living the pure  yogic lifestyle.  After watching the approach  Western medicine had taken with Kerri, we realized that the direction we were going in to help her achieve optimum mental, physical and spiritual health was failing.  I had been a devoted yoga practioner and teacher for several decades so we decided to immerse  the yogic approach to healing.  Under the guidance of Margabandhu, a yoga master and expert herbalist , we adopted a pure and simple yogic diet.  We started practicing the healing practices of Pranayama and asana.  We changed our home to keep everything as pure and peaceful  as possible. Over a period of 2 years Kerri has gone from being on 7 daily medications to only one.  She attends a daily program at which Ashrams for Autism  provides teachers who guide the participants in gentle class involving Pranayma and deep relaxation. These practices calm the nervous system and create a sense of balance and good health.”
    I met Trella Dolgin, founder of Yogis Heart at Off the Mat into New Jersey, a benefit put together by Seane with the help of the amazing  Sharon Pingitore (Mamaste) and the wonderful Debby Kaminsky founder of Newark Yoga Movement among others.  This benefit was to help victims of Hurricane Sandy  and it was held on December 22, we were both assisting Seane Corn.  We had sometime to talk before the event started and this is when she told me all about Yogis heart.
    I asked her what her mission was and this is what she said:
    “Yoga for me is much for than just “poses” done while on the mat. In essence, yoga is all about service.  I founded Yogis Heart because I wanted to offer the practice of yoga to the youth of the United States.  It is harder to be a young adult in this modern age than ever before.  By offering individuals aged 15-25 a scholarship for a chance to practice yoga for a whole year at a studio of their choice, it will not only change their lives, but the lives of their families, communities and beyond.  We are starting a revolution of peace and kindness from the inner most parts of each community.  Yoga teaches ahimsa (kindness and non-violence).  By offering this to young adults, they will be able to face the pressure and violence offered by our society with strength and perseverance.  I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity to serve our future generations by offering hope and peace.”

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

    ― Lao Tzu

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