• Express Your Yoga Intentions on Instagram with Skype

    Express Your Yoga Intentions on Instagram with Skype

    02/18/2014 in Play Blog by Yulady Saluti

    “If you don’t share your gifts, you lose them.”

    I’m a person who never stops moving. I’m a mom of six, a certified yoga instructor, a cancer survivor, and am devoted to living a new, healthy life centered with yoga and Ayurvedic studies. I’m proud to be part of the Skype Moment Makers community, as the Skype Sports Brand Ambassador, and am truly honored to   share my experience with the Skype community.

    yoga pose Therefore, I am pleased to announce the first ever Instagram Yoga Challenge sponsored by Skype! Beginning March 1, 2014, I will host this month-long yoga challenge on Instagram, along with some of the country’s most exciting and talented yogis.

    Bringing my love of yoga to the Skype community in the form of this activity is truly exciting for me. I first got involved with the yoga community on Instagram when I threw myself back into my yoga practice with all my heart after finishing cancer treatments. I was looking for a way to track my progress and discovered Instagram. Today, I am thankful to have befriended some of the most inspiring yogis in the world.

    Getting involved in this challenge is simple. Each day, a different host will post a picture or video of the pose of the day and include a daily intention. In order to join the challenge, contestants will then post a picture or video of themselves in the pose of the day on Instagram and include their own daily intention. Skype will give away daily prizes of Skype Unlimited World vouchers, awarded by the host from that day, and a Skype Yoga Prize Pack each week. As a grand prize, Skype will award a Microsoft Surface™ tablet and JAMBOX.

    As always, please consult a physician before beginning any exercise program and use extreme caution in taking your photos and videos. Safety comes first!


    1. In order to be eligible for prizes, contestants must follow @Skype and all eight hosts on Instagram. Listed by Instagram name they include:

    2. Contestants must tag the hosts and sponsor each post.

    3. Contestants must include the hashtags #Yogaintentions and #SkypeMoments in their posts.

    4. All pictures and videos must be new. Using old pictures or videos is not allowed. The entrant must be pictured doing the daily pose in the photograph. Photos cannot be of someone else.

    See Official Rules for more details.

    I hope this challenge inspires people to try something new and increases their awareness of the benefits of a daily yoga practice.

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