YouTube Preview Image How Colonics Helped Me Through Chemo.

Chemo sucks, but I guess if you have been following my journey, this fact is obvious; everything about chemo is rotten, from the nausea, to the hair loss, to the incredible myalgia.

Instead of wallowing in the negative, in this video I explain what helps me get through pumping poison into my body and then waiting around to react.

One side effect that is most troubling to me is constipation; imagine all the terrible side effects I have described—and on top of that, try being constipated.

The poison…I mean chemo…can not move through me when I’m constipated. Before I was diagnosed I had terrible constipation problems.

Enter the colonic!

Watch as I explain how getting colonics has lowered the side effects of chemo; I literally poop the poison right out of my body with the use of colonics both before I get chemo and immediately following.

I know it sounds crazy but this cancer-killer it has been a life saver!!


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