• A Year In Pictures

    A Year In Pictures

    2012 started like every other year, my little boys love to sneak in bed with the hubby and I.  My raw vegan and gluten free lifestyle was in full blast and I felt great.






    Wyatt And Holden










    In late January I decided to go to India in March with my friend and ended up having the time of my life.  When I came back the jetlag was so bad I spent a lot of time in bed, I never really recuperated from it.  My friends that travel often kept saying next week you will feel better, It just never happened.

    IMG_2714IMG_2873In Rishikesh India March 2012.  Top photo from left to right: Laurie, Rasha, Chandanni, Lulu, Me, and Rana.



    Easter 2012 was amazing My family really missed me while I was gone, I didn’t.  Hahah! what??? I am just being honest, I was in India fulfilling my dream and I made sure I skyped with them every single night.  When I got back we colored Easter eggs, it was the little boys first time.


     Holden, Dad, And Wyatt.




    My friend Bex suggested I join her for a tapping for the new Sadie Nardini  Rock Your Yoga.  I had a blast, I met so many amazing people and we ended up tapping about 6 shows and Bex got her own T.V show Got Zen on the Veria Channel after that.


    Bex and Sadie




    For Wyguys birthday we went to a concert and I have never seen my little ones so happy.  I was in heaven



    Wyatt, Holden, and my niece Jazlyn.

    The sunday before my hernia surgery (it was then when my cancer was found) I took an amazing workshop with Rhagu at Powerflow Yoga.  This was the last yoga class I would take in a very long time.

    IMG_3640From left to right: Erin, Yulady, Rhagu, Emma, Crystal, and Erica.

    A week later it was Mother’s Day, still in shock from the news I have received earlier that week.   Stage 2b Breast Cancer.


    When I found out that i was going to lose all my hair because of chemo I decided to cut it off and donate it.



    This is what I look like after a double mastectomy.  On May 22 2012 I had my breasts removed =)


    Next came the chemo port, I didn’t want to have any problems with my veins collapsing so I decided to get a port and I also played with the color of my hair before it was all gone.  I always wanted to be a blonde.


    My very first chemo infusion.  I wish I knew then what I know now.  Actually no I don’t.


    The hubby shaved my hair and I cried, after this picture was taken I had a big glass of wine. =)


    Chemo number 2


    My kids had a blast trying to get all the hair off from my head.


     My awesome daughter Isabella and the picaro Wyatt.

    A medical, scare blurry vision and a severe headache will land you in the ER for 14 hours to figure out what the heck is wrong with you, I mean besides cancer that is.  Thank goodness it was nothing.

    IMG_5454                     IMG_5481

    Chemo number 3.  Not fun at all, this chemo infusion was so bad I was very, very sick, nothing helped me feel better.  Thank God for my family and friends who stood by my side.


    Chemo number 4.  By now I had gained 30 pounds and everything hurt.


    Chemo number 5  I was swollen and so tired.  I remember thinking Thank God It is almost over.


    Chemo number 6.  The End…. of this part of the process that is.


    Cancer walk in NYC.  My whole family came with me, it was an amazing day.


    This is my cool ass hubby.  My hero, follow him on Instagram @geraldsaluti and be amazed by him =)

    My favorite part of the year was this collaboration I did with the amazing Robert Sturman.  I felt very empowered and this pictures remind me how strong I am.

    IMG_6681Robert Sturman





    The year came to an end with chemo being over, my birthday, and Xmas.  Radiation was starting January 2013, but chemo was a thing of the past. =)

    photo 1 photo 4This is my mini me AKA Ashlee.  Follow her on Instagram @nnykyky



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